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Post date: Sep 20, 2016 10:1:10 PM

Call 425-231-4917 or email dkrauter@gmail.com for directions.From the back cover: "Mary is the flower of femininity to some, a woman of power to others. She has been seen as a paragon of obedience as well as an instrument of liberation. Some have piled her status so high that it rivals that of her Son. Other do their best to ignore her. Behind all of those images is a girl who grew up to be the mother of Christ.

How did the first Christians view Mary? What did they believe about her early life, her childhood and marriage to Joseph, before the Annunciation? Frederica Mathewes-Green presents three of the earliest texts about Mary - a story, a prayer, and a hymn - and provides new translations and commentary. As we see Mary the way the early Christians did, we gain new and sometimes startling insights."

Starting Wed, Sept 22 at 9:30am We will meet every other Wed at 9:30am at the Krauter's house

See Google calendar for any changes to this schedule

All Ladies, including moms and their kids, are Welcome